Why Data Acquisition is Essential

Anyone who has seriously competed in Kart, Moto, or Auto racing realizes how critical the equipment on the car can be to the race results. Beyond weight and aerodynamic considerations, how a racer can steer through g-forces, determine speed on a corner, evaluate track performance, and even check engine temperature can mean the difference between getting a checkered flag and needing major vehicle repairs.

It’s no wonder that modern drivers continue to seek out ways to know more about what their vehicle is doing at all times. At Chapel’s Best Deals, we recognized this need early on, and have been at the forefront of the marvelous technological shifts at the forefront of the racing world.

This puts us in a unique position of trusted adviser to racing aficionados the world over. If you aren’t sure exactly what your racer might need to compete in the modern game, contact us today. We LOVE racing and talking about all things related to racing. We can evaluate your situation and your vehicle to get you a great technological fit.

We don’t sell people stuff they don’t need. But we are experts at identifying the right components for a given situation, and that is the promise we deliver to you: remove all doubt from your technology purchase. Buy from racers selling to racers.

And start acquiring the data you need to understand and maximize your driving.