There are few sports activities that are as thrilling as karting. Whether you’ve been on the track once, or hundreds of times, karting is always fun for you. A significant part of this thrill is the fact of being allowed and encouraged to go as fast as you can on the track; however, going fast is something scarce these days. One thing is sure; driving a kart is very different from driving your everyday car, and some common practices may be slowing your kart down. If you can avoid these mistakes and practices, you’ll be sure to win against your friends and competitors and even build a solid foundation for your motor racing career. In this piece, we outline three things that may be slowing your kart down and ways you can overcome them to crush both your personal and competition’s best track times.

Mistake One: Not Staying focused.

Vision and concentration are the most critical aspects of being an outstanding kart driver, whether on the tracks or the roadways. Not staying focused on surroundings on or off track will result in mistakes that ultimately reduce your speed. The further ahead you look and the more focused your vision is, the better and the faster you’ll drive. When you’re focused on where you want to go, your brain will instruct your hands and feet and how best to get there faster. Many drivers will practice and build on their focus using “Visualization” simply put just closing their eyes relaxing and visualizing themselves driving on the track.

Mistake Two: Not Mastering Line Techniques

In Kart racing, there are five types of corners; constant radius, decreasing radius, increasing radius, 90-degree bend and chicane (which is also called as “S” turn). Not knowing the proper driving line through the corner puts you at a disadvantage. Each corner “Apex” varies considerably, and an appropriate understanding of the lines through the corner will maximize your performance and decrease your overall lap times. An Apex is a point on the inside of a corner where the driver begins to unwind the steering wheel and reapply the throttle, Between entry and Exit.

Mistake Three: Not Perfecting Your Braking Techniques

Believe it or not, the appropriate use of brakes makes you go faster. When you don’t know the right time and how to use the brakes, you’ll end up going slower than you planned. Many people tend to drive into a corner too fast, which makes them late getting back on the throttle. This results in them being slower on corner exit and going down the straightaway.

However, when you master the brakes, you’ll apply them sooner, and get back to the throttle sooner, and hit the corner exit at maximum speed to properly move down the straightway. If you can live by the motto, “Slow in, fast out,” your kart racing results will improve significantly. With practice you will learn “Threshold Braking” this is when you can slow a vehicle at the maximum rate, fluctuating brake pressure while being on the verge of locking up and breaking the traction of the tires.

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Conclusively, karting is one of the best and most exciting things you can do, and that excitement and anticipation are why people enjoy it. Bear one thing in mind, being a fast driver comes from driving better, not driving harder. Our advice is for you to try to contain your excitement when you’re on the seat and build your speed gradually.

Most importantly, have fun!