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We offer high-quality motocross and bike racing data loggers made by AiM Sports data, the best you can get in the industry. Our bike racing data capture accessories include the most excellent racing techs available in GPS, lap timers, engine and speed sensors, and data storage to save your race data for later analysis.
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Bike Racing Data Capture

AiM Dash Logger MXL2 Pista


AiM Sports Accessories

AiM ECU Bridge – Interface Module


Bike Racing Data Capture

AiM GPS08 Module


AiM Sports Accessories

AiM Linear Potentiometer Car/Bike


Bike Racing Data Capture

AiM MXm the compact dash logger


Bike Racing Data Capture

AiM SOLO 2 The Brand-New GPS Lap Timer

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AiM Discontinued Items

EVO4 Data Loggers 16M, 5CH