The new MXM compact dash logger is a data logger you might think of getting next. The logger which is a small data logging dash display available from AiM can sample and log data like no other AiM system.

With its four analog input channels, you can comfortably monitor temperature, pressure or potentiometer variable like throttle position, steering position among others. To add more spice to the features of the data logging game changer, the logger can also be connected to many different ECUs to log any data gathered by the ECU. If you’re a racer who doesn’t like being bogged down with too much data, then this is the perfect logger for you.

The data logger provides all the info needed by racers from speed, lap times, RPM, gears, etc. and has a 9-axis inertial platform, multiple math channels and much more features you don’t want to miss. Its super-compact 137mm x composite housing is structured to fit into any cockpit size, and you can set the LCD backlight to a number of different colours according to your preference. If you wish, you can even set the backlight to change in response to alarms helping you detect faults easily. The alarms of the dash logger can be programmed with a steady or flashing LED or a custom text message on the screen and can be set for multiple conditions.

AiM MXm official photo 7To top it off, a 4GB non-volatile memory storage can store many hours of information for detailed analysis later using the AiM’s latest Race Studio 3 software. With the data storage system and a built-in secure Wifi connection, all of the data can be downloaded into your system for long term data interpretation.

Comprehensively, some of the unique features of the new MXM compact dash logger include;

  • Programmable LED shift lights
  • SmartyCam connection
  • Wifi connection to Laptop
  • Customizable data display and layout
  • Compact size of 137mm x 88.4mm.
  • A wide range of digital or analog data sources
  • A high contrast LCD with 7 backgrounds
  • Internal GPS receiver
  • 4GB non-volatile memory
  • Amongst many others.

Typically, the kit comes with all you need to have the best experience, including the display, full wiring harness, connector kit for digital outputs and the Race Studio 3 software, with all sensors sold separately. Ideally, the dash logger is to be mounted on a stationary structure and never on the steering wheel.

We at Chapel’s Best Deals are incredibly excited about this latest MXM compact dash logger because it’s the full suite of AiM products in one small unit. We’re sure your experience with this unit will be worth it.