How To Clean Your Leather Motorcycle Gear


Undeniably, every motorcycle racer wishes to have the best leather motorcycle gear as to stand out among fellow motorcycle racers. However, maintaining your leather motorcycle gear is what you need to make it look good and last longer. Leather jackets are so significant among cyclists that when asked about their experience when they bought their first jacket, everyone has an emotional story to tell.

Though it’s a favorite of all motorcyclists, riding in your favorite gear exposes it to dirt, bug impacts and sometimes rain which all has an adverse effect on the jacket. Though these harsh weather conditions are unavoidable, you can make your leather jacket last you many riding seasons by adhering to a few leather motorcycle care procedures.
Some of these ways of caring for your leather jacket include;

Get rid of Salts and Smells

It’s typical for you to sweat when you’re racing with your jacket. This sweat can lead to two effects on your favorite leather jacket. First, it makes the inner lining have a kind of smell you won’t be proud of. Besides that, sweating leaves stains on your jacket, especially if you sweat a lot or ride in hot conditions.
Though some leather jackets have some inner removable linen which you can wash, others don’t. For those that don’t have inner removable linen, chemical means of removing the sweat is the best deal. Spray a quality de-salter on the exterior salt stains on the leather and rub it into the leather with a clean rag. Following the spraying, turn the gear inside out and hang it to dry completely. It helps reduce both the sweat spots and the funky smell.

Shampoo Your Leather Jacket

Although it’s typical for people to shower with their leather jackets as a way of washing them; we don’t recommend that. Come on; we’re professionals in what we do as riders. Instead, we advise you use a clean rag and a leather shampoo to clean the jacket. Moisten the cloth with the shampoo and work it into all areas that have residual stains after cleaning the spot. Following that, apply it liberally to the exterior of the leather with the rag, switching to clean parts of the jacket as the rag picks up dirt. Once done, hang to dry.

Spot Cleaning

After every ride, endeavor to clean dirt spots. A regular post-ride spot cleaning prevents that colorful bug splat from becoming a stain that will haunt you continuously. The process is simple; take a clean damp cloth, hold it over the dirt for a few seconds to let it soften, then rub it away. You may require using this routine a few times to remove a significant number of stains. If you stick to this practice, you won’t need to do major cleanings often.


Our leather jacket is like our skin, treat it like a skin. When moisturized, your leather jacket will sparkle and glow. Furthermore, a moist, supple leather will do a better job of protecting you in a crash than a dry, cracked leather. Wearing your jacket on the speedy road, cleaning it and other numerous factors dry out the natural fiber within the leather. Replenish the oils of the leather makes it look good and increases its durability.
Directly spray a good conditioner over your gear and rub it into the leather with a sponge one section at a time. After working the conditioner into the entire jacket, allow it to dry entirely and have yourself a brand-new looking jacket.

With these procedures and tips on how to clean your leather motorcycle gear clean, refreshing and durable, you have all it takes to ride with your shoulders high