How Can Data Acquisition Enhance Your Driving Experience?

Race Data Acquisition

If you have real passion for racing and driving vehicles to their maximum potential, then you know that improving your technique is a learning process. acquisition can assist with this process in ways never dreamed about 20 years ago. Today’s modern racer needs to know about vehicle performance and his or her own driving performance and how those two things work together. Week to week – even corner to corner – you will learn things on and off track to make human and machine work in unison to achieve consistently fast lap times.

This is where the leaps and bounds of technology such as GPS mapping and precision potentio-meters play a significant role in driver’s speed and consistency. With a device such as the MyChron 5 you will never again have to ask yourself; “Am I braking too early for turn 10?” “Did I carry enough speed through the apex of turn 1?” or even “Where is the apex for this turn?” and “How fast can I actually go around turn 8?”. Down to minuscule pressure differences and timing of throttle, braking and shifting, these Data Acquisition devices will help you fine-tune the fastest driving habits, and even tuning your vehicle in the proper directions.

Racing enthusiast Peter Krauss put out this marvelous video showing off his 458 Italia with Solo DL and SmartyCam deployed. There is an enormous amount of performance data available from these units, as you can see in the video below:

The GPS mapping features can be even more influential and helpful in finding the best racing lines for speed and/or consistency. Whether an engineer on a race weekend or friends out for a track day, you can share downloaded data and overlap live streaming of racing lines, brake points and pressures as well as throttle and shift points. If you have the passion to become a faster, more rounded racing pilot, data acquisition is a must.

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