The new MXM compact dash logger is a data logger you might think of getting next. The logger which is a small data logging dash display available from AiM can sample and log data like no other AiM system. With its four analog input channels, you can comfortably monitor temperature, pressure or potentiometer variable like […]


handling the curves on a motorcycle

Having a smooth ride, especially riding through bends effortlessly, on your motorbike involves a lot of straight road riding and cornering techniques, and it is the mastery of these techniques that will make you better than the next rider. Some of these techniques that encompass the many aspects of riding include movements from side to […]

AiM Solo 2 DL The Brand-New GPS Lap Timer

The Newest, Most Precise Way to Get Lap Times The new Solo 2 DL receives data from two satellite constellations, GPS and Glonass; this is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version. Power-on requires only a few seconds and lap times are calculated with a max […]

AiM SmartyCam HD – Improve Your Driving Through Data

AiM SmartyCam during a race

For those of you already using AiM Solo DL or any of the MX products, the AiM SmartyCam is a brilliant, natural evolution, but with so much more that you can do with the data, it can be a bit overwhelming to get started evaluating your driving. James Colborn has a terrific website and blog […]

Briggs Animal Racing Engine

Briggs Stratton Animal

Chapels Best Deals is happy to announce that we are now carrying Briggs & Stratton racing engines. Starting with the Animals and the 206, we are excited to be selling such a popular engine! Briggs & Stratton Racing has brilliant engineers and manufacturers, and tested to design for its dedicated racing engine from the ground […]

How Can Data Acquisition Enhance Your Driving Experience?

Race Data Acquisition

If you have real passion for racing and driving vehicles to their maximum potential, then you know that improving your technique is a learning process. Data acquisition can assist with this process in ways never dreamed about 20 years ago. Today’s modern racer needs to know about vehicle performance and his or her own driving […]

Why Data Acquisition is Essential

Anyone who has seriously competed in Kart, Moto, or Auto racing realizes how critical the equipment on the car can be to the race results. Beyond weight and aerodynamic considerations, how a racer can steer through g-forces, determine speed on a corner, evaluate track performance, and even check engine temperature can mean the difference between […]