AiM SmartyCam HD – Improve Your Driving Through Data

AiM SmartyCam during a race

For those of you already using AiM Solo DL or any of the MX products, the AiM SmartyCam is a brilliant, natural evolution, but with so much more that you can do with the data, it can be a bit overwhelming to get started evaluating your driving.

James Colborn has a terrific website and blog all about his passion for racing, and as he explains in this video, the ways to use your driving data are intuitive and incredibly powerful when applied correctly with the AiM-supplied software.

As James took us through his two runs at the same Turn 7, it should become apparent to everyone just how much information there is to measure from your driving sessions. With data acquisition, you will start to see “beneath the hood” of your own driving technique. From weekend hobbyists to professional racers, evaluating the physics of your driving and applying that knowledge when you train is the KEY difference separating good drivers from great drivers.