The more satisfied you’re with your gear and racing accessories,

the more fun you have racing!


We’re Chapel’s Best Deals, an online store for all your AiM-Sportline racing gear and accessories. We’re on a mission to provide customers with quality racing products at affordable prices. For over 10 years, this has been our mantra, as we’ve successfully provided our numerous customers with affordable, high-quality racing equipment while maintaining exceptional customer service.

We don’t stop there. Our partnership with AiM-Sportline provides an avenue for our customers to receive great technical support from AiM-Sportline. Our 2-year warranty for AiM equipment is second to none, as customers can send the product back for repair at any time within the period.


What Ignited our Mission?

The owner of Chapel’s Best Deals, Harry Chapel came into this business after racing for many years, with his children and friends. He has been using AiM-Sportline products ever since and has recommended their products to many who also saw the same thing he saw, after using their product – Quality and Reliability.

After discovering the need to have these breathtaking products at affordable prices for everyone, Chapel’s Best Deals was born. He started selling AiM – Sporting products and uses his experience in the industry to offer indeed the “best of deals.” Chapel’s Best Deals has come a long way since it started and our commitment to providing the best deals has been propelling us higher each day.

We take pride in the quality, reliability, and versatility of our products and we stay up to date with trends to ensure we bring you the latest innovative technologies. Our products help you meet your targets both on and off the racetrack.

For inquiries, feel free to contact us. We’re always excited to help our customers achieve their goals.